We transform the experience and technology into revenue and sustainable strategies.


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For more than 10 years we’ve successfully worked in the field of traffic monetization. We not only gained a lot of know-how, but also built great relationships with all the important publishers and advertisers out there. These relationships help us having the finger on the pulse of time: Developing the best products using the latest technologies for our network of publishers. That’s why we can make sure we monetize your traffic most efficiently - always.


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Our developers are always one step ahead of our competitors making publisher lives much easier: We deliver easy, fast and structured product data that keeps you focused on your actual job.
Our team always thinks one step further - it's not just about individual projects, but about the big picture. New ideas get room to develop and continuously improve our products.


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You can only profit from using our system. You are the one that benefits the most from our enthusiasm for this technology and you can be sure that your traffic will be monetized in the best possible way. Together with us you will not only reach your goals: you will exceed them.

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Feel the full power of traffic-monetization with Yadore: We deliver the best shopping products straight forward and goal-driven. You will find the full spectrum of pay-per-click advertisers and networks all in one. Use our clustered and conditioned data and earn more money with your traffic.

Trust the facts:

250.000.000 +data sets

9.000 +merchants

40 + markets you can monetize with us

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