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Yadore Search Result

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Yadore Search Result

Yadore Search Result is our powerful and robust API. Whether you have a review website or a price comparison website, if you want a keyword-based result or using parameters like EAN: We deliver the best results. Thanks to our extensive filter options the users will always directly find what they need and what you want them to find.

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Yadore WordPress

Yadore WordPress is as simple as it is effective. Easy to implement via shortcode: You write the content; we deliver the matching results. You can visually adjust it to your CSS. Thanks to a large number of filter criteria, your users will always be provided with the best links.

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Yadore Link Replace

For browser-addons:

Yadore Link Replace is built for publishers who run browser-addons. With our technology, you will be able to monetize every search engine's organic links by upgrading them with the shop logo or a favicon. This way you will draw the user's attention to results that are not necessary in the first place, but still fit the request perfectly. After all, you will be paid for every user who is forwarded to the shop via one of these extended links.

For blogs, reviews, and websites:

Yadore Link Replace also works on your blog, on your review website and even on your social channels. The principle remains the same: You write about a product - we automatically provide you with the best-paid link.

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Yadore Direct Redirect

Yadore Direct Redirect is aimed at publishers and traffic providers who need fast results without having to load data first. With the Yadore Direct Redirect you simply send us the the destination of the user and we do the rest. Whether he wants to go to the of the advertiser, a special deal subpage, or even a product, you give us the link and we do the rest. If you have a callback URL, then we will also send the we will gladly send the user back to you in case of unsuccessful redirection, so that you will you don't lose any more users. A special Advertiser API always gives you the current current status of advertisers, where you can send your users. Easier and more efficient.

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